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Hazel Bird No. 45

Hazel Bird No. 45


Black Oak at Hazel Bird Nature Preserve. The photograph shows a lone black oak tree standing tall against a wintery overcast sky. Its leaf-free branches create a striking silhouette against the muted tones of the sky. Despite the barren landscape, the tree's resilience is evident, symbolizing the enduring strength of nature. The soft light filtering through the clouds adds a sense of serenity to the scene, inviting viewers to contemplate the timeless beauty of the conservation area in winter.


Numbered, Limited Edition Fine Art Print,

Edition Run of 25

Certificate of Authenticity

Printed using Epson Signature Lustre, archival pigment-based inks.


Limited Edition Fine Art Print, 13" x 16.5", 500.00


Fine Art Print, 8.5" x 10.5", 200.00


Link Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

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